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The New Bride Order | Inked and Hitched
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The New Bride Order
September 20, 2015
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Picking a look for your big day is like picking a country to settle down in – most brides go with what they’re used to and what feels like home. Every now and then we see a bride who didn’t conform to what will look best in family photo albums or what wouldn’t make their grandma cringe, and more often than not, it really pulls off.

Here are some make up looks that are, quite frankly, not boring.

Eye know, right?

eye1Smokey eyes are so 2010. But with a little glitter and the right shades, you can wear an updated look that doesn’t look so drag. Opt for a really dark navy or bistre instead of black or grey, and shimmer up with intense bling on the lighter shades.

Tips: use glitter with different speckle sizes and shapes to add dimension to the bling; play around with shades of sky blue and aqua cos they’re in this season.

PicMonkey CollageCreate an ombre of bling with different shades of colour, starting with the brightest near the tear ducts, or break all the rules with a pop of gold lining the bottom of your eye. For a more subtle look to match heavy gold jewelry, pick  a feathered cat eye with shimmer on the trims.

Oh, and if you make a mistake…


Lining your eyes can be a nightmare, even on non-special occasions, but if you leave it to an expert, you can pick something a little more edgy. Because regular cat eyes are just meh.


Use metallic liners or shadows to define your lower lid and under eye. This creates the illusion that you are wide awake and (literally) bright-eyed no matter how tired you are, or will be at the end of the day. Make sure it’s water/smudge proof.
If shine is not your thing, go for a double feather by drawing the upper and lower eye lines seperately, with a little space between the two. Add tails at the lower corner of your inner eye for more drama.
Mix the two styles with a line-n-shine by drawing a simple cat eye and following it with another line of ultra shimmer just above.


PicMonkey Collage

Ombre lips are back, but not the kind you remember. They’re more dramatic now with pops of metallic shine and black accents. Opt for an abstract oil painting or a zebra inspired look and your lips are all anyone will be talking about. For a fresh look, blend a light salmon with a shimmery pearl center.
Wear deep red, blue and gold tones with glitter to the sparkle em puckers. And if you’re feeling bold, stick on jewel beads, rhinestones or tiny sequins. You can go whole lip or partial.. which ever you please.



Remember, whichever look you choose, this year’s rule is extreme contrast. Match bright colours on dark skin and dark ones on white skin.

Tips: always be sure to line your whole lip before adding lip colour because nobody likes ringed mouth holes; if you are going for a glossy look, take care not to keep pressing your lips together too much or the gradient will smudge. If you talk, drink or eat a lot, opt for matte lip colour and no jewels or stones, and be sure to set the finished look with translucent powder.

 The Bling RingblingringStealing the show is especially easy with make up rhinestones. Bejeweled foreheads are a long-standing boho-indian trend that has taken over more parts of the face and neck. Use a mix of colours and shapes and don’t force symmetry where it’s not neccesary. You’ll want a look thats in between ice-queen and masquerade. The best part about rhinestones is that you can use them over and over. Try out a few looks and be sure to take pics so you can replicate the looks you want for the big day.

Tips: if you live in a humid climate, be sure to use really strong make-up/eyelash glue to secure the gems in place; avoid any jewelry on or around the areas you’re bedazzled and take care not to get traces of glue elsewhere or it might look like you got a little busy with the beau… all over your face.

Flash your Tatts

Well of course, but we don’t just mean your ink. Get sparkly with temporary metallic Flash Tattoos that double up as jewelry, minus all the weight and fabric catching. You can let your bridesmaids in on the bling too.




Got a make up trend you’d like to share? Post a comment or submit an article for us to post!






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