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The Little Bat | Inked and Hitched
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The Little Bat
March 20, 2015

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Meet Netopierik from Czech republic-We talked to her about pregnancy and tattoos :)

How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant?

It was totally unexpected so I was in shock and it took me few days to deal with it… but when I look back the shock was positive haha!

Haha I’m sure that’s usually the case :) How did the pregnancy feel like?

The first few months of my pregnancy were ok. I was running and exercising regularly as before, but in my 5th month of pregnancy I stopped running because it was not pleasant anymore . I continued with some exercise but I stopped in the beginning of 7th month. My doctor had told me to relax more and to be careful because I had some problems and had to be cautious, so I slowed down. I didn’t like it cause I need to move haha


Sounds like it was a little tough! We’re glad it all worked out :) Are you nervous about the delivery?

When I think about the delivery I’m a bit nervous, but most of the time I don’t think about it so I’m ok .I have had so many painful tattoos done that Im not nervous about the pain :)))


Yeah that’s true! How did the changes in your body affect your tattoos?

It looks like my tattoos are still the same. I don’t have tattoos exactly on my belly, they are on my ribs and hips so they look the same I think .


Are you concerned about how they will look after you deliver?

Well I do hope they will look the same :)

We hope so too!

Edit- Netopierik delivered beautiful and healthy baby. BIG CONGRATS !



all pictures by amazing KHIRIA


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