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Sam, Sam but Different. | Inked and Hitched
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Sam, Sam But Different.
March 8, 2015
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Chilling at Jana & Sam’s this evening, I thought  I’d ask him about being a dad. I mean, he’s gotta get used to answering questions now that he’s a dad, no?

How have things changed since you became a father?

I have become more cautious about losing my life or being handicapped for fear that I wont be able to look after my baby. And of course, MORE STRESS! Worrying about his future, how is he gonna turn out and so forth. And I started killing insects. For fear that they will harm my baby. And that’s why we got a maid.


Hehehhe but seriously- Must be hard juggling work and taking care of a baby. What is your typical day like?

I wake up, stare at baby for 20 mins, have my morning shot of caffeine, stare at baby another 10 mins, have a shower, stare at baby again, get ready for work, stare at baby for another 20 mins then I go to work, and think about baby all day long.


*cue Awwws* Describe your most memorable moments with him.

Mostly when I’m pacifying or rocking him to sleep. The fact that I can soothe him makes me really, really happy  inside.

*cue more Awwws* Tell us more about lil Sam. Has his personality started to show?

He is a pretty awesome baby, chatty lil fucker, very smiley and he laughs a lot. When he cries, it’s just heart wrenching, but… its soo fuckin cute. He cries with a “MEHHH” and that’s when you know he’s really upset about something. Usually that means he’s hungry or wants some love.

So much feels. How will you react when he starts asking for some tattoos?

I’m definitely gonna make stickers for him to paste on himself. Or draw them on for him.

Cute! Do people react negatively when they see you out with him?

Fuck em I say. My kid, my life. I’m a better parent and person then they will ever be. Judgmental fucks.


Sounds about right. Any advice for inked parents who are judged everyday?

Like i said. FUCK EM

Got that! =)




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