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What to Expat in Singapore | Inked and Hitched
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What to Expat in Singapore
August 19, 2014
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Family 03

Meet Ola & Marco, a loving inked couple living in Singapore with their kids. We talk to them about love, marriage and expat family life in Singapore.  10312732_1434685696790968_5123739832337346897_n So how did you guys meet? We met in Germany at a party in a bar. We started talking and had a drink together. This was the beginning of our relationship, back in 2005. How did you end up in Singapore? Around the time we met, I spent a year in KL and Ola was still working in Germany. She came to visit me twice and we traveled a lot to countries in South-East Asia, inlcuding Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. We both love the Asian culture, the people, the food and we planned our future to be in Singapore. I started a new job in 2009 with the idea to move to Singapore one year later.. and we did! We arrived as a family in July 2010 to Singapore as an expat family. Ola started to work with her own business as well. So, it was all settled…


How lovely! Tell us more about your kids, and what it’s like to be inked parents in Singapore. In 2007 our first son Julian was born and 2 years later, Lasse, our second son was born. When first went to the international school to enroll and register our kids, there were a few occasions when other families gave us a strange looks and thought we might be Aliens with our tattoos. In the beginning life was a bit tough here as we are no Joe and Jane Lunchbucket. But it got better.


How do people react to you on the street? And how do you react back? Outside on the street or somewhere else, we never experienced any bad things related to our tattoos. Even if we are stared at, we stay calm and we are polite and friendly to other people. After all, we are nice people, who just look a bit cooler with our tattoos !!


That’s true! Have a question for Ola & Marco? Post it below!

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