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The Bright Side of Suicide | Inked and Hitched
The Bright Side of Suicide
September 9, 2014
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Tell us more about you. Your name, age, where you grew up and where you live now. B37A1817 My name is Sandra, even though my given name is Alexandra and my artistic moniker is Mia…I grew up in Bratislava and I’m 27 years old.
When I was 18, I managed to get away to London for a couple of days…Then later and all of a sudden I decided to go live in Prague, Pardubice and Plzen…Later still, I lives a couple of months in Northern Ireland and Germany…But I always returned to Slovakia…Perhaps that is the way it should have always been. Nothing happens for no reason…I am now a mom to a month-old son and we live just outside of Bratislava, Slovakia.
So you’re engaged! Congratulations! How did you meet your fiance? Well, haha, it was quite a speedy affair. I was at my friend’s and I had quite a few drinks down me, it was summer, warm weather…my friend had Zdenko in her FB friends and so I just wrote to him via her alias on FB that I sort of know his name from somewhere and we met up the next day…It was a drink after drink, dancing on the bar and in the wee hours of the morning I got him a white rose and told him that one day I will marry him…Two days later we moved in together and in two months’ time I was pregnant…So, these days we are sort of feeling the pressure of not having been able to get to know each other better before…but it is still all good, he is my biggest support and best friend. Although often it might not look like it.
What plans do you have for the wedding? We have already talked about it. Since neither of us is a fan of the classic wedding…we thought we might hold our wedding on a yacht in Croatia, perhaps, with just a couple of our friends and family. A week on the open sea…quite a lot of fun, right? And our little boy might be already walking by then, so he could be the ring boy… B37A1725
Tell us more about your son. My little one – Viktor – was neither a planned nor an expected baby, but I was led to believe I could not have babies…But I met Zdenko, our genetic codes combined, his great material worked, which then made me throw the pregnancy test at him, shouting for him to check whether I’m seeing things right and that was already at the beginning of the fourth month. We did not hesitate, we instantly agreed on the name Viktor – meaning victorious – which was still at a time when we had no idea what complications lie in wait…He was born in the 30th week and so he was a little fighter from the start. He is currently 5 months old, 62 cm and 6 kg. So, he easily caught up in what we thought might be an uphill struggle…He is amazing and such a cutie…
Does he (your son) react to your tattoos? Well, his latest discovery is hands and both me and Zdenko have had our hands tattooed…I think he looks on it as something colourful, because he also started reacting to colours. But otherwise – I don’t think he actually notices it all too much that way…B37A1699
Do people react negatively when they see you out with your son? Well, people have different attitudes…But yes, especially in summer, when I was wearing vests and pushing a pram, some people seemed almost sorry for the baby. Recently, what happened was that I was just returning from a shoot (for this project, in fact). I had a lot of bags on me, with all sorts of things, the little one in a sling, me in full make-up from the photo-shoot and then I think I had a loaf of bread on top of all those bags, I don’t remember exactly…We were sitting in front of this fancy restaurant and waited to be picked up to go home…we were basically laughing that we look like some squatters and we sort of expected people to start throwing coins at us  Well, often, it is especially the old ladies, who cross themselves when passing us…Recently, I sort of had trouble getting work, later on in the pregnancy…I was quite shocked that even people in gastronomy might be a bit orthodox like that when it comes to my look…However, my sort of stomping ground was always rock bars and nobody ever had any problem with tattoos there. I even think that my tips were higher because of my body art. But then again, there are also nice situations…The other day I was walking down the shopping street Obchodna in Bratislava and a small girl stopped her mum, asking what is it that I have over me and the mum responded it was all sorts of drawings…and the little one said she wants some of that too The mum nearly fainted…
Any advice for inked parents who go through daily prejudices? Well, I don’t have any advice. Perhaps…forget about it, don’t mind what people say…It is your body, your skin, your life…it is up to everyone to do anything to their body…In other cultures, it might be normal that people get tattoos, piercings all over the body or other things and it is part of them. If my grandma and granddad can accept it, then everyone should be able to. 

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